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JDS Enterprises (India) sells dry ice products in Kolkata, Odisha ,Maharashtra, UP, Bihar and All Over India. Whether you need dry ice for consumer, commercial, or industrial use, contact JDS Enterprises (India) for your dry ice needs. We're more than just a dry ice supplier — we're the heartbeat of innovation and reliability in the world of sub-zero solutions. With a passion for excellence and a commitment to quality, we redefine possibilities with our premium dry ice products and services. change waste material form so that they can be simply disposed of recycled. Our foundation rests on a bedrock of expertise and dedication. We harness cutting-edge technology and industry-leading processes to produce the finest dry ice available. Whether it's custom-shaped pellets or tailor-made blocks, we cater to your unique needs, ensuring the perfect solution for each application.

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At-78.5 °C (-109.3 °F), carbon dioxide (CO2) is in its solid state which is called ‘Dry Ice’. It comprises of two oxygen atoms bonded to a single carbon atom. Dry ice has the feature of sublimation, where it can change from solid state to the gas state with no intervening liquid form. This feature makes CO2 the most suitable material for cleaning different surfaces without abrasion and secondary moist and waste as well as cold chain transportation. Dry ice ensures products are preserved in a cold dry atmosphere with minimal chance of spoilage due to moisture or high temperatures.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning – Dry ice blasting is an effective and environmentally
friendly way to clean industrial equipment and is used in many industries. Use dry ice
for Blast Cleaning equipment to remove residues such as ink, oil, paint, mold and
othertoxins. Blast Cleaning can also be used to remove smoke damage after fires.

Metal Fabrication/Shrink Metal into Tight-Fitting Applications -Usedryice to
chill and shrink parts for ease of removal and fitting. Loosen Asphalt Floor Tiles – Use
dry ice to loosen tiles to make lifting and removing tile easier. Meat Processing – Dry
ice can be used by the meat processing industry to cool meat after processing and for shipping.


Loosen Asphalt Floor Tiles – Use dry ice to loosen tiles to make lifting and
removing tile easier.

Meat Processing – Dry ice can be used by the meat processing industry to cool
meat after processing and for shipping.

Speed Asphalt and Concrete Cooling — Dry ice is often used as a cooling agent
and works well to speed asphalt and concrete cooling.

Repair Car Dents — With the right process, dry ice can be used to remove dents in

Agriculture – Use dry ice for freeze branding cattle, and to preserve grain &

Safer Fuel Tanks — Use dry ice to make fuel tanks safer for removal and transport
by purging flammable fumes.

Plumbing -Use dryice to freeze water in valveless pipes to enable repairs.
Shipping – Use dryice to ship medical products, or food and other perishables.


Food and Beverage — Dry ice can be used to flash-freeze food, carbonate
beverages, make ice cream and root beer. Dry ice is useful for preserving frozen foods
when freezers are not available.

Emergency Refrigeration and Power Outages — Use dry ice to maintain
refrigerator and/or freezer while poweris out. The rightamount of dry ice can maintain
the cold for up to three days.

Transporting Refreshments for Picnics and Vacation — With dry ice, you can
take Popsicles, ice cream or other refrigerated and frozen items on your outings
without the need for electricity. See chartbelow for dry ice suggested amounts.

Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Tailgating, Boating, etc. -Use dry ice to keep food
cold all day without the water mess found with regular ice. You can use dry ice to
freeze game or fish for transporting home, or to preserve until you take to your

Halloween — Dry ice is good for Halloween special effects. One popular use is to
place dry ice in a cauldron or bucket (metal or plastic), then add hot water to create fog
for your Halloween party, or display.

Educational — Dry ice can be used for science experiments and demonstrations.

Ice Cream Socials — Dry ice will keep ice cream frozen without the need for

Mosquito Traps and Bed Bug Traps – Use dry ice to bait mosquitos and bed
bugs. Insects are attracted to the carbon dioxide making dry ice an effective method
for trapping bed bugs and mosquitos.

Eliminate Moles and Gophers – Use dry ice as a safe and non-toxic way to
eliminate moles and gophers. This method suffocates critters with the carbon dioxide
released when the dry ice sublimates.

Ice Caps for Chemotherapy Patients — Use dry ice in Ice Caps that were
designed to help prevent hairloss during chemotherapy.

Shipping — Use dry ice to ship foods and other perishables to keep frozen or from

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